EC Precious Powder Zugar. Photo@Marika Lahti
Precious Powder Zugar. Photo@Marika Lahti
Precious Powder Zugar spay 
Official name: Precious Powder Zugar.
Nickname: "Elle".

Date of birth: 13/05/05 (dd/mm/yy).

Color: White copper-eyed (CEW), PER w 62.

Breeder: Marika Lahti & Pauli Huhtaniemi,
Precious (FIFe) / Preciousice (CFA), Finland.

Title: European Champion (EC) in FIFe.
Not shown in CFA.

Health: PKD (DNA) negative, FeLV and FIV negative, Microsporum Canis negative, blood group A.
Tuitui C-litter 24/07/2008.
Tuitui D-litter 18/04/2009.
Tuitui E-litter 20/02/2010.
Tuitui G-litter 24/08/2011.
Elle has been spayed and lives as a dear pet with us. She has been an excellent mom for her four litters.

Character: Elle is just cool in every - even new and strange - situation and easy to handle. A good example being her tv career; she has been acting in two television commercials. Elle is the self-evident matriarch in our cat family.

A cat is the visible soul of a home.
- Author unknown

Updated Jan 22, 2013