Tuitui Foo Fighter
Tuitui Foo Fighter. Photo@Marita Kienanen
Tuitui Foo Fighter ♀, spay
Official name: Tuitui Foo Fighter.
Nickname: "Foo",
read more about the phenomena called foo fighter.

Date of birth: 22/02/10 (dd/mm/yy).

Color: Tortoiseshell, PER f.

Breeder: Tuitui.

- Champion (CH) in CFA, Cat Fanciers of Finland, March 2012.
- One show result in FIFe: CAC, Nominated for Best in Show, November 2011.

Health: PKD (DNA) negative, FeLV and FIV negative, Microsporum Canis negative, blood group A.
Fizgeralt M-litter 18/06/2011.
Foo has been spayed and lives as a dear pet with us. She has been an excellent mom for her two daughters "Vega" (CH Fizgeralt Medea Mercedes) and "Vera" (Fizgeralt Mea Macadamia).

Character: Foo is a funny and happy little girl with eyes to die for. She has got the best characteristics of his Mom and Dad. She is playful like a kitten but the real lion when taking care of her kittens.

Cat, cat alone appeared ready and proud
from birth completed, walked alone,
knowing what it wanted...
- Pablo Neruda
part of Ode to the cat.

Updated Jan 22, 2013